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A little bit of Fletchers history…

July 27th 2012

Fletchers Senior Associate, Jason Salan was lucky to find an old Fletcher & Parker board and bottle of port at a house on Walnut Road, Balwyn North at settlement after selling the home this year.

Fletcher & Parker - Jason Salan

Built circa 1959, it is likely that the board was from when it was sold by Fletchers as land!

With a history of over 90 years in real estate, the Fletcher name was embedded in the history of the newly developing suburb of North Balwyn in the late 1930s when our office opened in the “North Balwyn Village”, on what is now a very busy corner of Doncaster Road and Bulleen Road.

It cannot be missed in this prime location, so the building quickly became one of Melbourne’s best known and long standing real estate landmarks.

Having sold the vast majority of properties in the area several times over, Fletchers is the name that springs to mind when it comes to real estate in Balwyn North.

It was definitely really exciting to unearth these items that showcase the deep history that Fletchers has in the community…we dug out some of the old record books…what a difference in the way things use to be done!

Fletcher & Parker Book