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Balwyn North properties continue to achieve good results

June 13th 2008

More vendors reap the rewards from listing their property with the Fletchers team

The number of successful sales remains high even though auction clearance rates are lower than last year. In this special report, we talk to Fletchers Director, Jeremy Desmier about trends in the current property market.

Recent months have seen a drop in auction clearance rates compared with the same time last year, something that the Media has taken hold of in many instances, preaching doom and gloom about the state of property market compared to last year. If we look a little deeper, however, we see that whilst some properties may struggle to achieve the highs of late last year, and some properties are taking a little longer to sell, the actual number of successful sales is comparable to last year, and in just about every instance, are achieving considerably more than they would have 12 months ago.
There has been a greater number of properties available this year, leading to a more balanced demand and supply equation, and therefore we believe the market has returned to a normal stable market, not a boom market like last year, where buyers, sellers and agents alike all struggled to keep up with the rapidly rising prices. In a normal market, the expertise, experience and negotiation skills of your chosen agent are of paramount importance, and for anyone considering selling, we encourage you to talk with us at Fletchers.
Good quality properties continue to attract competition and sell well, and demand continues to be high for properties that are attractively priced, as the following examples demonstrate.

2/31 Barnsbury Road, Balwyn
Internal at 2/31 Barnsbury Road, BalwynThe auction of this property was a unique experience for listing and selling agent, Tim Heavyside after the company share of this property went into liquidation.