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Bathing Experience

November 9th 2010

Although white is still the most popular fixture colour for bathrooms, homeowners are looking for other colours that will remain classic.

2 Dickens Street, Blackburn

2 Dickens Street, Blackburn

You don’t need to go overboard with the colour wheel to create a new effect, either. To get it right, choose a palette that suits your personality and which harmonises with the rest of your home in terms of architectural detail.

The latest colour trends are running the gamut when it comes to bathrooms, or any rooms in the home, for that matter. Natural colours (think caramel or off white) are the most versatile, but designers are incorporating bolder red and blue as well as deep forest and emerald green and terracotta and rust. These colours are used in everything from the paint to the sink to decorative tiles.

25-37 Dawn Place, Wallington

For homeowners who aren’t confident in their design capabilities, bring in a professional designer. It’s better to get the expert advice ahead of time, instead of after a project has gone pear shaped and your credit card’s been given a jolt.

In terms of materials, glass tiles are proving to be popular for the bathroom. Some folk are designing showers with glass tiles in gentle blues and greens to create a relaxing atmosphere. They’re also combining glass and porcelain tiles to create accents or borders that are more affordable.