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Blackburn home sold with knock out bid

June 16th 2008

Strong buyer competition ensured a breathtaking sales result for sellers

Deciding to sell your home is a decision that should never be made lightly.
With the latest interest rate rise, the increase in living costs and the decrease in housing affordability, many homeowners are struggling even more with their decision to sell.
However, recent sales have shown that the current property market still remains strong with many buyers prepared to pay top dollar for well positioned properties in all market categories.

In this report, Fletchers Agent, Alan Bramich reveals the details behind the sale of a Blackburn property and explains why now is the perfect time to place your property on the market.

What was the selling story behind the home at 59 Gardenia Street, Blackburn?
External at 59 Garenai St, Blackburn
This property has an endless number of desirable features and from the moment the marketing began, the buyer interest was intense.