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Bond could ensure more dogs live another day

June 15th 2012

Pet registration fees would rise and tenants could pay a “pet bond” to keep cats and dogs at rental properties under a policy shake-up to be considered by the NSW state government.

The changes, designed to slash the number of dogs and cats destroyed at pounds each year, would also streamline pet registration and microchipping and crack down on “puppy farmers” who breed dogs in overcrowded conditions.

A companion animals taskforce chaired by the Charlestown MP, Andrew Cornwell, a veterinarian, has recommended measures to stamp out poor pet breeding and selling practices, and increase microchipping, desexing and registration of pets.

It found that “pet-unfriendly” rental properties and strata homes drive up dumping rates and severely inhibit animal adoption from pounds and shelters.

“In terms of renters, we think there is scope to create some sort of ‘pet bond’ [on top of] a standard property bond,” said Mr Cornwell.

“Some body corporates can also make pet ownership extremely difficult. There are many pets that make for a terrific companion animal in a strata environment, and there is no reason why you can’t have greater flexibility.”

The taskforce recommended an increase in cat and dog registration fees to fund animal management programs.

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