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Complimenting Coffe Tables

March 19th 2009

The coffee table can be one of the most practical pieces of furniture in the lounge room. It typically needs to be a multi purpose item combining functionality with good looks. Some tables are made with built in storage solutions, which for most busy people is a feature in itself.

Magazines, kids toys, television guides and remote controls can be piled into draw compartments or underneath on open racks. A quick tidy up of the living room can be achieved this way! The other obvious delight with coffee tables is their versatility in size. If your home has an enormous open living space, a large solid timber coffee table can form the ideal centre piece. Combined with a modular sofa or two comfortable arm chairs, a cosy and inviting space is quickly created. Alternatively, if room is limited, the choice for minimalist and smaller glass tables is endless.

There’s definitely a perfect coffee table option for every home.