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Conquering Concrete

December 15th 2008

Polished concrete is taking the flooring world by storm. It’s hard, stark, shiny and bare. The beauty of it is you can have it in any room, including wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom making moisture and spillages no problem at all. It sits well in modern extensions or renovations and creates the perfect minimalist floor in ultra modern houses and apartments.

Polished concrete floors provide a wide range of colours and finishes. They are affordable, energy efficient, low-maintenance and dust-free. Allergy sufferers can breathe easy with a home floor of concrete. An unlimited range of polished finishes can be provided by a variety of techniques with a huge number of colours and patterns also available to choose from. If the hardness of concrete is a deterrent, consider a concrete look-alike in laminate. It looks just like polished concrete but is cheaper and can be cushioned – making it more comfortable to walk on.