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Cooking Class

July 20th 2009

The most important aspect regarding any kitchen (next to the designer appliances) is storage. A good layout should allow for both hidden and display storage, leaving plenty of shelves for jars and vases and plates and lots of cupboards and pans. A lot of cooks are now opting to showcase their good white crockery and so open shelves have become de rigueur in stylish homes.

The only thing to bear in mind, when everything is out on show like this, is to keep the look clean – aesthetically as well as in a cleanliness sense. Group jars, plates and bowls together and only keep the smart sets out (the daggy numbers can be hidden away). If you’re buying new sets, go for white; it looks good in any situation. And if you want to, as some cooks are doing, bring out all your good copper or designer saucepans to display on a rack. Just make sure they’re all polished and sparkling.