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Discrimination is a serious issue…

March 15th 2009

Landlords need to beware of being unfair to tenants

Two common phrases that Property Managers often hear from landlords are: “We do not want children” or “we do not want single mothers”. According to the Property Investor Newsletter, discrimination is an issue within the property management industry that must be considered. In the past, there have been several claims brought before the courts, where tenants have sued the landlord/agent because they felt they had been discriminated against.
It is important to note that under Federal and State laws real estate agents cannot accept discriminatory direction from a landlord. Both the landlord and the agent are legally liable if complaints are made.
When selecting tenants the only legal requirements that can be addressed by agents are the number of people suitable to reside in the property, whether or not the prospective tenant can maintain the weekly rent, and whether or not the tenant can maintain the rental property in a clean and tidy condition.

Property Investor Newsletter reported that by law an agent and a landlord cannot discriminate against: colour or race; the unemployed; children; sexuality; or religion and the list goes on. Owners can be assured that Fletchers does have vendors’ best interests at heart. However, agents must be careful when declining tenants’ applications.
It is important to understand that it is not the status of a person that will determine if they are a quality tenant, but the references they supply.
Fletchers has had many single mothers and families with children that have been exceptional tenants.

The agency has also had elderly tenants and working professionals who have left properties in a poor state with rent owing.

If you are looking for a Property Manager that will not only protect your asset, but will ensure that you are also safe from litigation and that your property complies with the law, then call Benita Evans at Fletchers on 5258 2833.

– Fletchers Property Newsletter March 2009 Edition