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Fletchers Group News Update – 13 January

January 13th 2014

Happy New Year!  It seems that 2014 is on fast forward, with Christmas already feeling like a distant memory!

After experiencing one of our most successful years to date, it is shaping up to be another fantastic year for Fletchers. Our network set to expand, with new offices opening in Maroondah and the Yarra Ranges early in the year. 

To wrap up 2013, Australian home values finished 9.8% higher, the strongest rate of growth seen since August 2010. Melbourne experienced an annual growth of 8.7% for units and 8.5% for houses.*  The Australian housing market is certainly in a growth phase, with historically low interest rates a major factor in stimulating activity. REIA President Peter Bushby stated that ‘for the next year, we expect interest rates to stay relatively low and continue to assist the market. We expect continued steady improvement in activity in most markets and generally a more positive year ahead, provided there are no left-field global issues that emerge’. It is set to be another exciting year in real estate!

Now that we are back in the swing of things, the property market will only get busier from here on in! If you’re looking to sell your home, be sure to start the year off fresh. Here are Fletchers top 10 tips to clean up you home and make it buyer ready;

  1. Organise all your things into 3 categories: what you’re taking with you, what you will donate and what you need to throw out. This is a great opportunity to get rid of things you’ve let accumulate over the years. Have a garage sale – you could use the extra money you make to treat yourself after all the hard work you’ve put in!

  2. De-clutter the kitchen! This is one of the most important rooms in the home to keep clutter free and clean. Clear off all the bench-tops and the fridge door. Don’t just shove things into cupboards; ensure that you’ve cleared out this room as good as all the others. You want to make the kitchen look as fresh and spacious as possible.

  3. Spruce up the outside of your house too – a fresh coat of paint, or a weed of the garden will help your home look the best it can to potential buyers. Make sure your lawns are mowed and plants are watered. If you have an outdoor setting, ensure it is presented immaculately; make it easy for people to envisage themselves in your home.

  4.  Start packing early. Start by putting away personal items – family photos, personal trinkets or memorabilia…potential buyers want to visualise your house as their own; this is difficult with personal items on display. Keep any nice neutral decor items out until last!

  5. Clean out the kids rooms. Toys and posters are not generally considered effective property marketing. Pack and store those items out of the way.

  6. Bring in the repairmen! The wobbly door knob you were meaning to fix 2 years ago still not done? Now is the time – make sure all lights are working  and those door handles are sturdy!

  7. Got pets? You need to remember that not everyone is a cat or dog person. Ensure you do a top-to-bottom clean of your house, including any soft furnishing and carpets to get rid of any lingering smells. This might be an ideal time for your pets to have a little holiday!

  8. Ensure there is space in cupboards. Potential buyers want to see that there is plenty of space and it helps them to envisage their own belongings there! Even if the cupboards are perfectly tidy, be sure to leave a little space in all.

  9. Freshen up on inspections days. Make sure that your home is fresh and welcoming; open all blinds/curtains to let all the light in. Do a quick sweep and vacuum, wipe the counters, mirrors and tables. Fresh flowers make a nice touch when placed strategically and help your home look fresh and inviting.

  10. Start small! You didn’t gather all the clutter in a day, so you won’t be rid of it in a day either. Work your way around the house and clean room by room. Recruit friends and family to help, put on your favourite tunes and make a day (or two) of it!

For all of Fletchers latest listings and recent sales, visit our award-winning website.

We hope that you’re having a fantastic start to 2014 and look forward to bringing you another year of fantastic real estate news.

With the temperatures set to rise this week, be sure to stay cool and safe in the heat! Slip-slop-slap if you’re in the sun, and don’t forget your H2o!

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*Sourced from Real Estate reports at

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