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Garden Greatness

April 2nd 2009

If you want to create an urban haven where you commune with nature over an iced coffee, or share drinks with friends in the cool autumn breeze, you can’t go past a groomed garden, clipped to the nearest millimetre and bursting with seasonal blooms. Not only do manicured lawns and symmetrical garden beds impart a sense of space between you and the outside world, they can convey a similar sense of order inside your home. To truly optimise the ornamentation, however, it’s important to theme your landscaping according to your home’s style.

A classic brick residence with French windows and columns, for instance, can be lifted immeasurably by coiffed box hedges, orchard-style blossoms and primary coloured tulips. A newly built modern abode looks beautifully blended when combining some natural materials within the garden.

Timber decking or random sandstone paving can more than do the job. A planting schedule that includes drought hardy flowers and large leafy plants will also fit in well.