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Get to know Chris and Mandy!

September 12th 2012

Chris Chapman & Mandy Berenyi – a winning team!

A Diamond Valley local, Chris Chapman has an extensive knowledge of the local area. Chris believes that success in the real estate industry is all about helping clients achieve their goals, which means that he does everything humanly possible to look after his clients’ interests. This includes win-win negotiations, clear communication and persisting until the ideal outcome is secured.

Energetic and highly organised, Mandy Berenyi is passionate about real estate and brings to Fletchers a results driven and customer focused emphasis. The ‘buyer expert’ of duo, her strengths and skills perfectly complement Chris and together, they make an excellent team!

Contact Chris on 0421 736 592 and Mandy on 0413 841 259 – they would be delighted to hear from you!