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How to warm your home…

May 27th 2012

Yes, it is that time of year already…when we reach for the scarves, hot water bottles and the switch for the heater!

Pretty much anything that helps to ward off the wintery chill that is starting to descend upon us…particularly in Victoria…not that we’re jealous of the folks up in Queensland or Darwin or anything… 

 1. Prune those sun-sucking plants
At this time of year, you want to get as much sun into your home as possible. Wherever you can, prune those plants that are blocking out your sunlight.

2. Let the sun in
When the sun is shining, remember to open curtains and blinds during the day, especially on the northern side of your home, but also the east (in the morning) and the west (in the afternoon).

3. Block the cold out
Overnight you want to stop the warm air from inside your home being lost through the glass of your windows. It’s important to cover the windows to do this.

4. Switch over your ceiling fans
Now is the time to switch over ceiling fans to winter mode so they run backwards. Put them on their lowest speed and they will direct the warm air from across the ceilings where it sits high up, and down the walls.

5. Draughts be gone!
Gaps around doors and windows can let in a lot of draughts. Block them up with an appropriate draught-sealer.

6. Monitor it
It can be helpful to have a thermometer with an outdoor sensor set up in a prominent spot in the home to let you know when it is warmer outside than in (so you can open some windows).

7. Go passive
Try installing a solar heater, which draws the warm air from the roof cavity into the home.

8. Don’t disregard old-style aluminum roller shutters!
They may not be pretty but can be painted and it is like instant double glazing.

9. Cook up a storm
Definitely the time of year for baking and slow cooking…warm the house up whilst improving your culinery skills!

10. Control the thermostat
Running your heater at 18-21 degrees will keep you comfortable without toasting, and will also keep your winter heating bills down. Just one degree more in temperature can increase your heating costs by 15 per cent.

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