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Naturally Beautiful

October 13th 2010

The secret to thriving plants? Try a native garden.

Are you having trouble keeping your plants looking healthy and green? Well, here’s a thought. If you like the idea of keeping watering and weeding to an absolute bare minimum, a native garden may be just what you’re after.

Better yet, Australia’s drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant species can look stunning when used exclusively in a rear garden.

Few would dispute that they’re remarkably easy to look after – with a dry-climate upbringing, these species refuse to be killed off easily – but aesthetically appealing? Well, yes, if you really think about it.

In fact, Australia’s outback landscape has proved to us that wildflowers can look as beautiful in winter as they do in spring, while species such as kangaroo paw, grevilleas, banksias and “Bush Bells’ can add an almost exotic colour to a garden.

If you like the idea but are afraid of the scrubby bush look, simply plant natives in a similar design to a cottage garden, with pathways and bridges and views for a nice sense of order.

There’s also the unexpected benefit of sound cues. A native garden builds a relationship not only with the landscape but with birds, enhancing your garden with a chorus of bird calls.