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New & Improved Residential Zones

August 6th 2012

To Protect Melbourne Backyards from Development


Being passionate about Melbourne and our family-friendly suburbs, I applaud the State Government’s move to introduce better planning controls (final reforms to be introduced in October pending feedback).

The planning reform will see the introduction of new zones that set stricter controls on where new developments will be permitted.

The reforms will see many of our suburban backyards off-limits to developers to protect those areas of Melbourne that have a strong neighbourhood character.

It is clear that the Baillieu government is keen to finish the job Mr Kennett started, although critics are coming out of the woodwork saying the reform is simply for the ‘privileged’ as it will preserve the more up-market areas of Melbourne and diminish the values of others.

I strongly disagree with this sentiment, and I believe that the general idea is to simplify processes thereby reducing costs and to preserve what is already in existence.

You cannot please everyone but, if executed well, the reforms should not disadvantage people although it remains to be seen which areas will benefit from the zones as it appears that local municipalities will be accountable for this.

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