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Preparing your home for sale – winning tips

March 10th 2017

“When preparing your home, think through the 
eyes of a buyer. Would you buy the home?”
– Tim Heavyside

When buyers attend inspections, they imagine the lifestyle that is paired with the home. Although presentation can be altered if needed once they have purchased a home, sellers should pay close attention to the smaller details that could ultimately distract the buyers from really seeing what’s in front of them. To help you prepare your home for sale, we have compiled some winning tips from a winning agent—Tim Heavyside—and highlighted exactly why these simple tips are so important!

“Focus most of your energy on the façade.”

The façade is the first part of the home buyers will see—whether it’s at an open for inspection or if they simply drive by to get a feel for the home. If the façade is dirty and cluttered or behind an unattractive garden, those interested in the home may instantly gather preconceived ideas or feelings towards the property as a whole. If someone goes inside a home already disappointed, there’s a higher chance that they will begin picking on tiny details.  

“Cut your grass just before photos and regularly during the campaign, and cut your neighbours’ nature strip grass.”

Another tip that allows the buyers to not get distracted by minor details! This tip goes hand in hand with focusing on the façade. Short grass not only shows that you care about your property, but it also shows that your neighbours do, too.

“Declutter/desensitise your property by removing family photos.”

Although taking down your family photos, kids drawings and other personal items before open for inspections may seem time consuming, it’s definitely worth it—think of it as getting a step up on packing! Seeing personal items—such as family photos—takes away from inspections as buyers will focus more on the fact that they’re in someone else’s home. They may also find it difficult to imagine living in the house with unknown faces staring back at them. A desensitised property allows others to truly imagine the home being theirs! Where possible, consider using a home styling service to make your home more appealing.

“Play appropriate background music.”

Play some simple music to create a calming mood for opens. Think of a movie—there’s always music playing in the background to prevent people from becoming distracted, to set the mood and to fill up the silence.

“Air out your home—candles are always welcoming.”

Without trying to insult you, it’s nice for potential buyers to be able to walk into a home that has a subtle, common scent, or no scent at all! They’d much prefer this over the distracting smell of your pets, perfume or last night’s dinner!

Have we missed any of your recommended tips? Make sure you let us know!

View Tim Heavyside’s profile here.