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Property styling – is it worth the money?

March 16th 2017


Once considered an exclusive service reserved for luxury homes with high price tags, professional property styling is now common practice, and a worthwhile one at that.

As well as making your property stand out amongst the crowd, professional stylist, Ali Waight says there are plenty of advantages to styling your home prior to sale

“Property styling isn’t just about making a house look pretty. Stylists can also create new rooms in homes to lift the sale price.

“I have created an extra living room in properties to capitalise on unused space, or changed a three bedroom home to a four bedroom and added a study in a vacant nook of the home,” says Ali.

And it’s not just larger rooms and fancy décor that makes property styling worthwhile. Creating the right atmosphere is the key to selling faster and for more.

“Property styling is different to interior decorating. When you engage the services of a property stylist you are engaging a professional who knows the real estate market and know how to bring out the best features of your property.

“Styling your home can create the right atmosphere to really hook buyers. We style properties to appeal to the property’s target market.

“It’s essential to stand out from competing properties on the market, and that’s the edge that having a stylist gives you”.

Will I make my money back? 

While there is a cost involved in professional styling, it seems you won’t be out of pocket for too long.

Fletchers Senior Property Consultant, Trevor Buhagiar, believes property styling is invaluable when it comes to selling your home quickly and for a great price.

“It really does make a big difference to the end result. I’ve found that professional styling increases the property value by up to 10 per cent and in most cases, the property sells within 4 weeks.”

Best of all, Trevor says his vendors have recouped the cost of professional styling in ‘bucket loads’.

“I’ve seen many tired and basic homes become lively and exciting simply with styling that grabs the attention of the target market.”

And if you’re thinking of doing a styling DIY, Trevor has some great tips to get you started.

“It’s important to focus your time and money on the areas that will add the most value.”


  1. 1. Declutter, declutter, declutter! Removing excess clutter will help potential buyers see the true size of the rooms and picture their own furniture in the home. And it doesn’t cost a thing!

  2.  2. Use furnishings that complement the property and that will appeal to your target market. For example, style the property in accordance to the theme of the home, i.e. if the property is a Victorian style home, then use items that match in with the period home. A newer home should have sharper furnishings.

  3. 3. Don’t forget the backyard. Many buyers are looking for lifestyle and a place where they can entertain friends and family. Cleaning the garden and cutting back overgrown trees and plants is essential – it will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying the space.

Photos contributed by Ali Waight, professional stylist