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Put the Spring into your House Sale!

August 6th 2014

The beautiful, sunny days of spring are not far away and we would like to share some tips for getting your home ready to sell in the warmer months ahead…

Spring generally proves to be a peak season for buying and selling, as the warmer weather brings more potential purchasers out of winter hibernation and reinvigorates their property search. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, it’s common to see an influx of new properties on the market, which means vendors need to make every effort to ensure that their property presents at its best and stands out from the competition. If you want to be in good shape for the spring selling season, use these five tips to help prepare your home and avoid the stress of a last minute rush to the market.

Inspect the exterior of your home.
The outside of your home is likely to have experienced more wear and tear from the harshness of winter than inside, so take a close look at the windows and doors for signs of caulking and weather stripping and replace if necessary. Make sure the gutters and downspouts are clear and the roof isn’t missing any tiles. The outside of your home will provide the first impression for potential purchasers and it’s critical to make it a positive one.

Check your interior systems.
Make sure your heating, ventilation and air conditioning are all in perfect condition. Take the time to test your security system, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to ensure that each is working properly and fix any problems  you find. Light fixtures, bathroom mirrors and cabinet hardware can all be replaced at a small cost and make a huge difference to visual appeal.

Rejuvenate your garden.
Now is the perfect time to start planning your spring landscaping ideas and lawn care maintenance regime. It’s important to present your garden as an inviting and low-maintenance outside sanctuary. As well as mowing the lawns and weeding the garden, replace old garden hoses, pressure wash concrete and paved areas and make sure any decking is freshly oiled.

Give some thought to home staging.
Taking the time to present your home well will not only emphasise the best features of your property but create a warm and inviting feel for prospective purchasers. Staging can be as simple as placing furniture to maximise the space and light in your home and making sure each room flows easily into the next. Essentially, buyers are driven by emotion so make sure your house is staged to make them feel at home as soon as they walk in the door.

Invest some time spring cleaning.
It’s important that all windows, inside and out, are clean to make sure your home looks like it is well maintained. Clean out fireplaces and make sure ceiling fans are dust free and de-clutter storage space to make it look bigger. Touch up any scuff marks on the walls, clean your baseboards and dust your blinds. When you are cleaning, pay attention to the small details.

If you are considering selling your home this spring, the best piece of advice we can give you is to start your preparations now. It’s inevitable that more homes are set to come onto the market as the year progresses, so preparing your home, and enlisting the services of an experienced estate agent who can provide you with the best marketing strategy, will dramatically increase the chances of maximising your sale price. After all, it’s the early bird who catches the worm!