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Seasonal Reshuffle

June 17th 2009

During winter, minimalist decorating moves aside making way for more diverse compositions. For home decorating enthusiasts, this means the rules are relaxed and almost anything goes provided each piece is appropriate for its place. For example, a collection of Italian olive oils lends a rustic touch to the kitchen bench but would look extremely out of place in a sitting or lounge room. Likewise, a decorative fire screen can add character to a cosy lounge with period hearth, but isn’t the item for the kitchen.

When considering what to put where, think in terms of warm versus cool tones rather than focusing on specific colours. A burgundy vase beside a burnt orange pot set against mustard drapes, for example, might sound messy, but in effect exudes warmth and character.

And to really up the sense of comfort, experiment with aged finishes such as rubbed-back paint and balance solid surfaces with tactile articles like velour or thick textured cushions.