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Selling your home in winter

May 29th 2014

The response to selling your home in winter might not be as cold as you think.

It’s a common belief amongst property owners that winter is not an ideal time to sell because it’s cold, wet and the home and garden aren’t always looking at their best. Thankfully however, this belief is certainly not shared with prospective buyers.

Traditionally there tends to be fewer properties on the market in winter than the peak seasons of autumn and spring, but the same general level of buyer demand. The past twelve months in particular have seen a staggering influx of buyers in the market who are still keen to find their dream home, regardless of the weather.

These conditions will often lead to positive results for home owners who decide to put their properties on the market in winter. In 2013, the winter auction clearance rate reported by RP Data was 67.9 per cent, higher than the 66.6 per cent rate for the non-winter months. With less supply of houses, demand amongst potential purchasers is intensified, often pushing the sale price above reserve. Furthermore, the length of time that a property is on the market is often considerably less than at peak times of the year.

With the cash rate at a 57 year low and financial conditions accommodative, banks are well-placed to provide funding and qualified buyers are ready to purchase!

If you are considering selling your home or would like to discuss the market this winter, please contact one of our highly experienced agents today.

Handy tips for selling in winter

1. If you have a fireplace, go ahead a light a fire to give your home a cosy feel.

2. Give each room a warm touch. Have a throw draped on the back of a chair and a quilt at the end of the bed.

3. Remember to keep the front doorway clean. With the rainy weather, people can easily track mud inside.

4. Try and make your home look as bright as possible by making the most of your interior lighting.

5. Rake up the remaining autumn leaves and keep your garden looking as nice as possible.