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Surrey Hills Real Estate Profile

March 6th 2015

Surrey Hills Real Estate Profile by Tim Heavyside.

Are you thinking of selling your apartment, townhouse or home in the leafy inner Melbourne suburb of Surrey Hills? Or, are you looking to buy or rent? We have an intimate knowledge of this suburb that can influence your decisions. Let us do that hard work for. Read on to discover trends and analysis on our Surrey Hills real estate profile.

Statistical Surrey Hills Real Estate Profile Data and Trends.

Online traffic for properties in Surrey Hills is at the higher end of browser searches. Currently real estate traffic is three times greater than the average Melbourne search. Property prices have remained steady over the past 10 months for both homes and units. If you are thinking of purchasing a unit or townhouse the average price is approximately $600,000 to $900,00 for units having two to three bedrooms. If you are looking to purchase a two bedroom to four bedroom home expect to pay between $960,000 – $1,600,000. View this 4 bedroom house for sale in Surrey Hills.

If you have an investment property in Surrey Hills then rental returns are high. Expect to get $400 a week for a 2 bedroom home and around $700 + a week for a four bedroom home. Apartments and units weekly rental fees range from $370 to $500 for 2 -3 bedrooms.

Surrey Hills Real Estate Profile Lifestyle.

Couples and families represent 17% of residents. Older couples and families take up 24% of the population. The lower demographic are young couples that live in Surrey Hills at 1.9%. Forty six per cent of homes are fully owned. 17% of the residents are professional. Two percent of the residents are from New Zealand with 81% being born in Australia.

Tim Heavyside is Licensed as a real estate agent. In the years 2006, 2010, 2011 & 2012 he was named by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria as residential sales person. The Real Estate Institute of Australia announced Tim as Residential Salesperson of the Year in 2011, 2013.

Surrey Hills Real Estate Profile

Surrey Hills Real Estate Profile Youtube Video.