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Top cafés in Whitehorse

May 12th 2017

As voted by the Fletchers Blackburn office

It’s the weekend, and you find yourself stumped by your usual dilemma; where should I go for breakfast/lunch?

Blackburn Director, Ben Williams not only believes that Whitehorse is a great place to live, but also a great place to visit for a bite to eat or for a coffee stop. “The Blackburn café scene is starting to rival that of Fitzroy and Prahran!” Says Ben.

The staff at the Fletchers Blackburn office have you covered for the top places in Whitehorse to cure your Sunday morning blues. Keep reading to find out which menu items that are sure to stop the ‘hangry’ side of you in its tracks!

Aunt Billies (184 Surrey Road, Blackburn)

“If you’re a coffee lover, ask for a Magic… trust me! As a fellow coffee lover, the coffee is first class! The service is consistently good, and the team are passionate about what they do and make you feel welcome. The cafe is funky and has a great feel to it!”
Robert Sheahan, Director & Auctioneer

Smashed avo
“My weekly go-to. Packed full of flavour and not your average smashed avo!”
Jeanne Kalopita, Property Consultant

Source: Aunt Billie’s Instagram

Clover & Charlie (71A Railway Road, Blackburn)

Pork roll & coffee
“Their pork rolls are delicious – lots of pork and apple sauce! The coffee is great, too!”
Ben Williams, Director & Auctioneer

Vermicelli Bowl
“Fresh Asian flavours with a punch of chilli!”
Adrian Lieschke, Business Development Manager

“The staff are super friendly; as soon as you walk in you feel welcome! It has such a homey feel & you can tell everything is freshly made!”
– Katie Bligh, Sales Secretary

Wonton soup
“I like the café because it has a very friendly atmosphere, you always feel welcome and the food is always fresh!”
Daniel Minuzzo, Property Consultant

Pictured: Daniel Minuzzo with Clover and Charlie barista, Jack

Red Cup Cafe (1124 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill)

Mojo Rojo
“Quality ingredients and great service.”
Stefan Cook, Property Consultant

Vanilla latte
“I am so regular that the staff pretty much have my order ready before I step in the door! Starts my day just right. The staff are friendly and the service is quick.”
Kylie Morton, Personal Assistant

Mister & Miss (713 Whitehorse Road, Mont Albert)

Wagyu Beef Burger
“The food is delicious, friendly staff and a great environment.”
Tim Li, Property Consultant

Source: Mister & Miss’ Instagram

Little Woodpecker (55 Katrina Street, Blackburn North)

Calamity Jane
“Fresh and flavoursome – a good healthy lunch option.”
Paige Phillips, Portfolio Manager

Source: Little Woodpecker’s Instagram

Lily Loves George Cafe (18 Chapel Street, Blackburn)

“Best coffee in Blackburn, great atmosphere and friendly staff.”
Marcus Valmorbida, Property Consultant

Coffee, coffee, coffee!
“Great coffee and great staff! I’m always ducking off to this cafe when I want my daily coffee fix!”
David McGowan, Property Consultant

Breaky Muffin and a latte
“The best way to start the day!”
Ben Strimling, Property Consultant

Source: Lily Loves George’s Instagram
Facebook Image Source: Lily Loves George’s Instagram

Have we missed any of your favourite cafés? Comment below so we can try them out!