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When You Buy St. Helena Real Estate You Buy Into a Community

July 25th 2011

When new families start looking for a more permanent residence one of the first places they look is the suburbs. Suburbs offer all the benefits of the city in easy commuting distance along with all the benefits of rural areas. St. Helena real estate offers the best of both worlds. It is primarily a residential area with over 3,000 inhabitants. This small population offers the ability to know your neighbours and let your children grow up in that small town atmosphere that helps create well adjusted adults.

Getting to know your neighbours can be difficult in an urban environment where populations are often highly mobile. Renters do not invest in an area the way that property owners do. Property owners are interested in maintaining their property to keep things nice and their investment value high. Renters have no reason to maintain a property as they reap none of the benefits of property ownership. St. Helena real estate is predominantly single family homes with owners that have a vested interest in maintaining the area, with families, making it a very community oriented town.