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Winter Gardens

June 10th 2009

Sweeping up fallen leaves can almost become a full time job in the garden during autumn and winter. Golden leaves tend to fall on backyard lawns and courtyards, stick in swimming pool filters and rest in roof guttering.

The beauty of deciduous trees is undeniable though, as they remind us of the beauty of the change in seasons. Japanese Maples, Ornamental Pears and Oak varieties, to name just a few, all look beautiful in autumn as their leaves turn from green to red and every shade in-between.

Take a stroll through Melbourne’s botanical gardens and you’ll truly appreciate their splendor. So next time you are out in your garden raking up fallen leaves yet again, remember the positives – leaves are a fantastic mulch or compost for the garden and during the warmer months when leaves are on trees, they provide the perfect shade under which you can sit back and admire all of your hard work.